Ender’s Game                Seamstress                                            Ender’s Game Production 2012

Worst Prom Ever           'Costume PA                                     '      MTV Films 2011

Mirrors 2                      Costume PA                                            Twentieth Century Fox    2010


Loyola Ballet                 Costume Design, Seamstress                     Loyola School of Dance   Fall  2010

Loyola Ballet                 Costume Design, Seamstress                     Loyola School of Dance Spring 2010

Petite Rouge                 'Wardrobe Supervisor                               'Jefferson Performing Arts Society 2010

The Producers               'Wardrobe Supervisor, Seamstress             'Jefferson Performing Arts Society 2009



Glug Glug Glug              Costume Designer, Seamstress                  'Runaway Circus, Asheville NC  2009

Cold Cut                       Seamstress                                             Runaway Circus, Asheville NC  2008                                                                        


Nola Couture                                                                          2013


Leon County Civic Center                                                                                

Wardrobe, Stage Hand, Costume Repair,                                     2005 – 2007

Preset, maintenance, cleaning and repaired touring shows costumes. Set up and break down of shows, 

personal assistant to players and performers.


Historic Collection at Florida State University                                2005

Created an electronic database of the Carter collection containing over 500 Peruvian pieces aged 

500-1000 years old, updated archival methods, re-housing textiles, scan and digitize slides, curator 

of an exhibition on boned bodices, basic collection maintenance and organization


San Luis Archeological Site                                                                   

Seamstress, Wardrobe Manager                                       1995- 2001

My experiences at San Luis were the building blocks for my interest in textiles and costumes. I learned 

felting, dying, hand sewing techniques, pattern drafting from images, pattern construction, and researched 

costumes based on first sources in a historical context. After interning here for so long, I took over as the 

main costumer for 10 living history interpreters in 1999 and managed the wardrobe until 2001.



·       impeccable sewing and construction skills

·       handsew 20 stitches per inch, 3 yards an hour

·       construct and fit garments

·       repairs and alterations

·       fabric preparation

·       cutting

·       marking

·       experience with sergers, industrial walking, industrial straight                 stitch machines

·       felting

·       dying of natural and synthetic fibers

·       chording

·       appliqués

·       quilting

·       pattern alteration

·       pattern drafting

·       pattern design

·       artistic rendering of designs